Could You Have ADD, Or Is It Anxiety? Here's How to Tell

Lately, I can never really relax—my brain is going a mile a minute. When I try to read a book, I check my texts or jump up to do chores. Do I have ADD?  ...

Study: ADHD Drugs May Help Boost Child’s Test Scores

By Denise MannMONDAY, April 27, 2009 ( — New York City mom Nancie Steinberg recently received some great news at a parent-teacher conference for her 11-year-old son. The medication that her fifth grader takes to treat his (ADHD) seemed to be making a difference in the classroom. “The teachers always had to have...

Study Links ADHD Stimulants to Rare, Unexplained Deaths in Children

By Amanda MacMillanMONDAY, June 15, 2009 ( — After years of speculation and rare case reports, a study suggests that stimulant medication—mostly used to treat (ADHD)—may have played a role in a handful of cases of sudden, unexplained death in children and adolescents. ...

Study: Too Many Video Games May Sap Attention Span

Getty Images By Sarah Klein ...

Children With ADHD at Risk for Depression

Getty Images By Amanda Gardner ...

CDC: Childhood ADHD Rate Rises 22%

Getty Images   ...

FDA Weighs Food Dye, Hyperactivity Link

 Getty Images  By Amanda Gardner ...

CDC: Autism, ADHD Rates on the Rise

Getty Images   ...

Can't Focus? How to Tell When It's Time to Try Medication

I really can't focus and constantly feel frazzled. Would it hurt to try ADHD medication? ...

Can Fidget Spinners Really Help Anxiety and ADHD? An Expert Weighs In

The Internet has been buzzing nonstop about fidget spinners, the latest craze to invade workplaces and schools. These pocket-sized devices, which can be spun with the flick of a finger, are marketed to ease the symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, and, for people with autism, sensory sensitivity. But can these little toys really improve focus...


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