Tired of teeny bopper beauty vloggers telling you how to look like a Kardashian? Then say hello to Melissa55. The 60-year-old beauty vlogger, mother, and grandmother has been sharing her wealth of beauty knowledge for a couple years now, but her story went viral this week when one of her videos was shared by Jezebel.

In a sea of videos on out-there techniques like strobing and clown contouring, Melissa is just here to tell you about her skin care philosophy and her favorite products. All of her tips are relatable and you just can't help but get sucked into what she calls her "chit chat," thanks to her sweet southern drawl.

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Her YouTube bio says it all: "I am a 60 year old wife, mother with two children, grandmother with seven grandchildren, and they all live in the same town with me. We live in a small southern town in East Tennessee. My family is everything to me. Every Sunday, I fix a big Sunday dinner and we all gather at our house to recharge our batteries and just have fun together. My husband, Doug, and I live in an 1886 Victorian house that we are still in the process of restoring! I feel like if we stick together in this aging journey, we can lift up each other and grow older gracefully and beautifully."

Also: she does not look 60. Her secret? No botox or fillers for her— just retin-a or retinol (a vitamin A derivative that's proven to reduce signs of aging), she says. She's been using it since she was 27. Aside from dishing skincare advice, she does product reviews (and giveaways) and talks about her diet, wardrobe, and every day life. Watch her video on her skin care journey above, and head to her channel to subscribe.

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