On Monday, Campbell's Soup announced that they're going to be eliminating 10 ingredients from their chicken broth in an effort to appeal to healthy eaters.

The catch: the new recipe will only roll-out in their Healthy Kids Shaped Pasta with Chicken in Chicken Broth, in the cans featuring Star Wars and Frozen characters, NPR reported. The company does not yet have plans to change their Classic Chicken Noodle.

For increasingly health-conscious consumers looking to "eat clean," this is sure to be a welcome change. The new recipe will contain 20 ingredients (down from the original 30), many of which can be found in the average kitchen. Ingredients that got the boot include hard-to-pronounce flavorings and preservatives such as disodium insonitate and maltodextrin, as well as onions, vegetable oil, and celery (kids didn't like the flavor, a spokesperson told the New York Times). Another notable loss is monosodium glutamate (you probably know it as MSG).

 But just how different will the new soup taste?

“It’s a delicate balance [to change the recipe] because these products are beloved,” Charles Vila, vice president for consumer and customer insights at Campbell, explained to the Times. “Their profile has become very defined in the consumer mind over the years, so any change we make is very carefully considered.”


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