Sky Landish, 28, 5'7 1/2", from New York City

I’ve always been curvy, but when I moved to Philly for college, I gained more than just the freshman 15. I cut out meat in an attempt to drop the extra 25 pounds I’d put on, and it worked. By the time I started dating a trainer in 2012, I was back to my usual 190 pounds. Sadly, he constantly criticized my size, saying things like, "You could be a 10 if you were less lazy and exercised." At the time, I laughed off his remarks, though I should have known not to stay with someone who didn’t appreciate me. Eventually, I found out he was cheating on me. Devastated, I moved out. I was determined to show him just how strong—and slim—I could be.

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#Motivationmonday -> Me at 19 years old, going to a Temple University, grown as hell vs Me at 28 years old With my own fitness business (( @stripnfitness )) grown & healthy! I’m a firm believer in learning as you grow, you only get one body, how are you treating it?! 😘 #Fitfam

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I hit the ground running in the new year, jogging two miles and completing a 45-minute outdoor HIIT workout four days a week. Finally, I was putting myself first. I also followed meal plans from magazines, loading up on proteins and veggies. By the time my girls’ trip to Vegas rolled around that May, I had lost 30 pounds.

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I was so proud of my new frame that I wore a bikini for the first time ever on that trip—and felt amazing in it. When I returned home, my newfound confidence gave me the courage to join a gym, where I started doing weight-training workouts. Strength exercises like squats and a vegan diet packed with veggie soups and salads helped me ditch the last 15 pounds, and I hit my goal of 145 pounds. And while I initially got fit to get even with my ex, making healthy choices made me realize that my body and I deserve better. Today I’m happier than ever and engaged to my best friend. Even better: I’ve learned to look to myself for approval—and I definitely think I’m a 10!

Stay strong like Sky

Throw a sweat party: In 2016, I founded StripN’Fitness, which is a high-intensity cardio workout program that feels like a party, thanks to live music, special guests, and healthy giveaways, proving fitness can be fun!

Sip smart: Ditching high-calorie drinks for water with lemon not only helped curb my appetite, but also did wonders for my skin (goodbye, acne!).

Insta(nt) inspiration: I constantly get DMs on Instagram from women saying my journey inspired them to get healthy. Knowing that people rely on me helps motivate me to stay as fit as possible.

Pick a power snack: My go-tos are sliced Gala apples with peanut butter and cucumber sticks with hummus, which totally keep me energized between meals.