Fearing a swine flu outbreak this fall, parents are loading down backpacks with tissues, hand sanitizer, and bottled water. What’s next? Face masks on toddlers at day care? [CNN.com]

The houses we live in can often be bad for us—from the way we light our kitchen to the flooring we choose to clutter. What would you do to make your home healthier? MyHomeIdeas.com is asking that question and offering $1,000 in prizes to the winner. [MyHomeIdeas.com]

You probably aren’t on Brad and Angelina’s summer party invite list (we aren’t either), but if you are, one word of advice: Avoid the pool. Apparently, there’s more than swimming going on in the backyard. [Glamour.com]

Just mention body mass index to some people and their eyes will glaze over. Just as bad, body fat percentage evokes middle-school gym class. But both are important measures of health and can indicate your risk for certain diseases like breast cancer and diabetes. Here’s the difference between them. [FitSugar]

Picking the right snack is difficult, but now you can nibble away without doing serious damage to your waistline. Try a one-inch cube of hard cheese and a handful of dried apricot halves—a snack with less than 200 calories. Don’t like apricots? Here are 23 other ideas. [Real Simple]

Roughly 17% of kids and teens are obese, but parents and pediatricians often ignore the problem. (And vague recommendations like “Get more exercise and eat less” aren’t much help.) The best advice? Don’t punish bad eating habits and reward good habits—and practice what you preach. [Time]

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