Forget Shark Week and tax day: For many, the most terrifying time of the year is when we take itty-bitty swimsuits into a dressing room lit for heart surgery and see our winter-wasted bodies from eight directions AT ONCE.

Oh, the indignity. But really, it doesn't have to be so scary. By doing what positive psychologists call "reframing," you can put this whole "I forgot to work out for a few months" thing into perspective.

Last we counted, there were at least half a dozen reasons why the summer of 2015 is looking bright:

Caftans are back in style

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Swimsuit season is only 93 days; puffy coat season lasts 272 (yes, we counted)

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Active girls are in the water the whole time anyway

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J.Crew makes swim SKIRTS. And they’re pretty adorable.

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Rash guards, a surf-inspired trend, take care of batwings.

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Bikinis sold as separates! You can get a 4 on top and 14 on bottom (or vice versa) and not feel like a freak for needing it.

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Because this time, when the overeager saleswoman tries to barge into your dressing room, you know just what to do…

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