Your loyal legs have taken you on yet another long distance run, but now they're begging you for mercy. Make it up to those tired limbs by slipping on a pair of compression socks.

Not only are they known to help boost circulation and speed muscle recovery, but a recent study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that runners who wore compression socks for 48 hours after completing a marathon performed better on a treadmill test two weeks postrace than did runners who didn't wear the socks.

Here are a few fun ones your stems won’t mind sporting.

Peppy Pacer

Your feet can really take a pounding out on the road, tand hankfully the bright SmartWool PhD Run Graduated Compression Ultra Light Socks ($38; help absorb some of the shock in high-impact areas.

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Zoom Wear

The Zoot Women’s Recovery 2.0 CRx Socks ($65; places direct pressure on the muscles to prevent post-exercise swelling. Nice.

Photo: Zoot

Chevron Ride

A pair of luxe socks is a must for pampering purposes; treat yours to these super-stretchy cashmere Goodhew/Sockwell Incline Series Knee High Socks ($25; You’ll feel like they were made just for you.

Photo: Goodhew


Racy Runner

These totally teched-out 2XU Compression Performance Run Socks ($50; have perfectly placed compression panels throughout for improved circulation.

Photo: 2XU

Green Machine

The Nike Elite Compression OTC Socks ($50; keep your run from becoming a funky situation—they’re made from durable sweat-wicking fabric, which helps keep feet dry and odor-free.

Photo: Nike

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Sky Rise

Great news: You can rock the Reebok One Series Training Compression Socks ($25; year round. The breathable terry and mesh fabric is light enough for long summer runs, while still offering sufficient coverage from the cold.

Photo: Reebok

Heat Seeker

Made with a heat-retaining knit fabric, the CEP Progressive + Ski Thermo socks ($60; keep feet toasty whether you're logging chilly miles or skiing down the slopes.

Photo: CEP

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