Dreaming of the day a Jetsons-style robot will take all the work out of monitoring how you eat? Here, a few products (and bargain alternatives) that make that future seem closer than ever.

Prep pad

Place your ingredients on the scale and the paired app for your iPad or iPhone gives you the full nutritional info. ($150; theorangechef.com)

Steal: Polder digital pocket portion scale, a precise countertop model. ($20; bedbathandbeyond.com)

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HapiFork is equipped with a sensor that measures your speed and buzzes when you eat too fast. ($99; hapi.com)

Steal: The iSavor app signals when it's time to take a bite and trains you to stop eating at 80% full. ($3; getisavor.com)

Kitchen safe

Lock your treats inside and start the timer. Now you have to wait to finish the cookies. ($50; thekitchensafe.com)

Steal: The CraveMate app lets you set diet limits—ice cream once a week, tops—and get reminders to hold out. ($1; cravemate.com)

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