When it comes to holiday traveling, maintaining your sanity—let alone your looks—can be a real challenge. Here, six globetrotting beauty pros share their best tips to help you stay gorgeous on the fly.

First-class skin

“I apply a thin layer of Aromatherapy Associates Anti-Aging Overnight Repair Mask [$88; amazon.com] before long flights. It contains nourishing oils that protect skin from cabin air, plus fatty acids for a plumping effect. You’ll actually arrive at your destination looking better than you did before takeoff!”—Alexis Wolfer, beauty blogger and founder of The Beauty Bean

Eye essential

“To prevent jet bags—aka dark circles and puffiness post-flight—I apply soothing undereye patches before takeoff. Your fellow travelers may look at you funny at first, but your bright eyes will be envied come arrival. I swear by Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels [$30 for 8 pairs; amazon.com].”—Francesca Fusco, MD, a dermatologist in New York City

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No-fuss hair

“My signature hairstyle in the sky is a topknot. Loosely twist strands into a high bun and secure with a creaseless fabric elastic—the higher the bun, the more voluminous hair will be when released. Unwind upon arrival, spritz with dry shampoo and tousle for soft, pretty waves.”—Jeanie Syfu, a celebrity hairstylist in in New York City

Lip service

"Chapped lips make for an unsightly greeting, so I layer on a thick balm to act as a shield against the drying effects of flying. My favorite is Rosebud Perfume Co.’s Rosebud Salve [$6; sephora.com], which can also be dabbed on parched cheeks and cuticles.”—Lara Ramos, beauty blogger at The Glossarie

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Beauty spritzer

“I always stash a travel-size bottle of Evian Mineral Water Spray [$14 for two; sephora.com] in my carry-on. It’s a great multi-tasker! I spray my face when it feels tight from the dry air and lightly mist my hair, giving it a little scrunch, to revive moisture and bounce.”—Jet Rhys, a celebrity hairstylist in Los Angeles

Ready to glow

“Flying sucks the life out of my skin, so I apply Sunday Riley Effortless Breathable Primer ($48; nordstrom.com) for subtle tint and luminosity before landing. Then I tap a smidge of concealer wherever I need a little extra coverage. I swirl a creamy blush onto the apples of cheeks and a little on my forehead, too, for a healthy-looking flush.”—Suzy Gerstein, a New York City celebrity makeup artist

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