Celebrities—they really are just like us. (Well, for the most part.) Case in point: on Friday, Britney Spears suffered the ultimate beauty blunder when her hair extensions slipped out on stage during her Las Vegas show.

No biggie, right? She kept on working the stage. But Britney’s mishap got us thinking about the hair fails we’re plagued with every day—say, a cowlick before your morning meeting or major frizz before a big date.

Here, in-a-pinch tricks to keep your hair looking perfect—even when it’s not.

If your hair extensions are coming loose…

Grab a few bobby pins (paper clips work, too) and fasten the bond back to your hair, as close to the root as possible, for temporary grip. Then hands off!

If you spot a gray

Look no further than your makeup bag. Grab an eye shadow in a shade similar to your hair color, sweep it over gray strands and brush through to soften the color.

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If you have static…

Gently run a dryer sheet down the length of hair to tame those wayward flyaways, then finish with a spritz of hairspray to lock them in place.

If can’t get rid of a cowlick…

Part your hair right at the quirky strand, letting hair fall in the direction of its natural curvature. If all else fails, re-wet and blow-dry the cowlick; hold it flat against your head with your fingers as it cools.

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If you have frizz…

Try using your hand cream to create sleek, manageable strands. Rub a dime-size amount between hands and smooth over areas where hair is unruly.

If your style is deflated

Head to the bathroom, flip your hair over, and blast it with the hand dryer for a few seconds. Then use your fingers to backcomb: Grab a 2-inch section of hair at your crown and gently rake it toward your scalp.

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