You might think that late-night Netflix binge was worth every hour of missed sleep, but a zombie look just won’t cut in your morning meeting. To the rescue: Five pro tricks that will bring you back from The Walking Dead, fast.

Deflate puffy skin

Boost circulation and move out fluid like a pump with this technique from celebrity aesthetician Renée Rouleau: Let hot shower water hit your face and gently massage your skin. After the shower, apply a cold compress for five minutes.

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Give your face a lift

"A tight, high ponytail or even a half-updo lifts the eye area and gives the entire face a more open, alive look," says Los Angeles celebrity hairstylist Sunnie Brook Jones.

Disguise dark circles

Try New York City celebrity makeup artist Emily Kate Warren's trick: Apply a yellow-tinted concealer directly to the darkest part of undereyes (typically the inner corners), let sit for a few seconds, then use a fluffy makeup brush to fade out the edges for a natural effect.

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Open up your eyes

Los Angeles celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles applies a thin line of black eyeliner right against the lashline, smudging it slightly for a wide-awake effect. “Be sure to curl your lashes to and don't be afraid to pile on the mascara,” she adds.

Go for a glow

"Two shades of blush can do wonders to revive your skin," says Stiles. Apply your regular blush to the apples of cheeks, then add a brighter shade just at the tops of cheekbones for extra lift.

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