Among the tools every home cook needs: a great chef's knife, a set of mixing bowls and…dental floss? Yep! The oral hygiene staple has some interesting uses in the kitchen, too. Just make sure it's unflavored. Check out these three ingenious tricks from our friends at Food & Wine.

Cut cake layers

Seamlessly slice perfectly even cake layers with a few toothpicks, a ruler, and some floss. Watch: How to Cut Cake Layers With Dental Floss

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Slice soft cheese

For soft or crumbly cheeses like brie or gorgonzola, floss works better than a knife. You can also use this trick for cookie dough. Watch: How to Slice Soft Cheese With Dental Floss

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Truss a chicken

So you forgot to pick up some butcher's twine when you stopped at the store for the whole chicken. No problem—just grab some floss from your medicine cabinet and watch this video. Watch: How to Truss Chicken With Dental Floss

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