Just because it’s bathing suit season doesn’t mean you can’t snack. Check out these 10 healthy summer snacks. Cue drooling. [DailySpark]

A group of 750-million-year-old fossils pried from ancient formations in Canada show the origins of biomineralization, the process that makes bones and teeth, and once upon a time, shaped the earth! [Wired Science]

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Researchers get closer and closer to creating a new birth control pill—for men. The drug, which has yet to be tested on humans, interferes with the receptors used to metabolize vitamin A, which causes temporary (read: reversible!) infertility. [TIME Healthland]

Each of these 100 recipes costs less than $1 to prepare, per serving. We’ll repeat that now, in case (like us) you can’t believe your eyes—100 recipes, less than $1! [AllYou]

Be on the defense for this growing culprit of liver disease: fat. About one-third of the U.S. population has nonalcoholic fatty liver disease,  and a small part of that group will develop cirrhosis and end-stage liver disease. [CNN]

How warm is too warm before a workout? Or should we stay cold? A new study shows that warmed-up muscles may not perform better or be any more resistant to injury than colder ones. [New York Times Well]