If you watched Carli Lloyd’s hat trick and the United States' 5-2 World Cup victory last night, it was impossible not to be inspired by the team's crazy talent and athleticism. And it was also hard not to feel all the feelings when Lloyd gave her caption’s armband to veteran Abby Wambach, or when after the game when Wambach ran straight to kiss her wife. It was all around a night to remember.

To celebrate their win, we rounded up 10 of the most inspiring quotes from the team that demonstrate their spirit, determination, and teamwork.

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On staying focused for as long as it takes

"I was just on a mission to help my team win this game…Personally I have worked my butt off, and all the repetitions came into play." —Carli Lloyd, after their World Cup win

On how opposites can attract… and create magic

"It was unbelievable…We're opposites in a way where I'm the quiet, lead-by-example, behind-the-scenes [type]. She's outspoken. It was unbelievable that we could do it together." —Christie Rampone, about her and co-captain Abby Wambach’s leadership style

On friendship above all

“I have had the best life, and it’s all in total because of the friendships I have made. I have literally grown up on this team, and the good, the bad, and the ugly, my teammates have helped me through it all…” —Abby Wambach, in 7-minute monologue about her career before their World Cup win. Watch the whole thing below:

“Above all else, to get the chance to fight with such an amazing group of women who have taught me not only to fight for myself but most importantly fight for one another.” —Sydney Leroux, in an Instagram caption about playing in the Final on Sunday

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Tomorrow will be one of the most amazing days of my life. 'I believe' has been the chant we've heard echo through each stadium we've played in. I can't believe in less than 24 hours a World Champion will be crowned. Above all else, to get the chance to fight with such an amazing group of women who have taught me not only to fight for myself but most importantly fight for one another. The picture on the left is me as a little girl with big dreams of playing on what I always believed to be the most amazing team in the world. The picture on the right is still that little girl with a big dream and I hope that dream comes true tomorrow. To put that American jersey on and be a part of a World Cup final in the city I was born in is surreal and hard and beautiful. I hope you never give up on your dreams and I hope you all #believe. #USA

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"She's been a legend to this sport, such an inspirational leader on and off the field. I'm proud to call her my teammate and my friend, and so glad that she got a World Cup win." —Carli Lloyd, about her teammate Abby Wambach

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On celebrating!

“No words to describe how happy I am right now! We did!! So proud of everyone on this team!” —Carli Lloyd, in an Instagram caption after their World Cup win

On who this win is really for

“[It’s] just pure elation, I’m so, so proud of this team and these players and so happy for every little girl that dreams of this.” —Jill Ellis, coach of the US team about their World Cup win

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On the power of preparation

“When you’re feeling good mentally and physically, those plays are just instincts…It just happens.” —Carli Lloyd, about her hat trick, the first in a World Cup final

On having high standards

“Our benchmark is winning…I would think we would have to be considered one of the best teams there ever was.” — Megan Rapinoe.

On the awesomeness of achievement

"I'm actually at a loss for words with how this whole thing went down…I felt like I was in a dream sitting there on the bench watching Carli Lloyd go off. I'm just so proud to be on this team, and proud to be a part of something that in my opinion is really special." —Abby Wambach, after their World Cup win.

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