This 24-Year-Old Thought the Tiny Spot Under Her Eye Was a Pimple—But It Was Actually Skin Cancer

Gibson Miller didn’t think anything of the pimple-like bump under her left eye when she first saw it last year.  ...

Your Sunscreen May Not Be as Waterproof as You Think, Says New Report

You slather on plenty of sunscreen, careful not to miss a spot, and head outdoors thinking you're sunburn-proof. But that may not be the case. When Consumer Reports recently tested 34 sunscreens, a full one-third of them failed to offer the amount of protection they promised. ...

8 Sexy Rash Guards You Need This Summer

Can't wait to slip into a swimsuit and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin? You might want to try a swim shirt (a.k.a rash guard) instead, especially if you're fair-skinned or planning to be out in the water a lot this summer: Nearly 5 million people are treated for in the...

See This Former Tanning Bed Devotee's Shocking Skin Cancer Treatment Selfie

Still skipping sunscreen and ignoring the warnings about tanning beds? This photo will change your mind. ...

This Smart Skin Patch Can Tell You if You're Getting Too Much Sun

You know that you've got to protect your skin from the sun's penetrating rays, but have you ever wondered how much sun exposure you're actually getting? Thanks to a clever new product from the beauty giant L'Oreal, you'll soon be able to measure your sun exposure with the help of a high-tech sensor called...

YouTube: Tanning Beds Touted as Healthy

By Anne HardingTired of hearing that tanning is bad for you? Click on over to YouTube. According to a study published Monday in Archives of Dermatology, videos touting the benefits of roasting one’s skin in a tanning bed outnumber those warning of ultraviolet dangers by nearly 3 to 1 on YouTube. ...

Gear Guide: Women's Sun-Protective Hiking Apparel

By Su Reid-St. JohnA few years ago, Health...

Red Is For Winners, Troubling Breast Cancer Drug News, and What Britney Spears Can Teach Us About Alzheimer's

A scary new study shows that women who use the breast cancer prevention drug Tamoxifen for more than five years are actually more likely to develop new tumors. The frightening results don’t have doctors 100% convinced, so don’t write off the drug just yet—after all, it has been proven to fight recurrent breast cancer....


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