Women All Over Instagram Are Recreating Ashley Graham's Pregnant Nude Photo—And It's a Body-Pos Celebration

Ashley Graham basically shook the Internet earlier this week when showing off the changes her body's currently going through—and people are definitely here for it.  ...

Alyssa Milano Had 2 Abortions After Getting Pregnant on the Pill—And Yes, That Can Definitely Happen

Alyssa Milano revealed Monday that she has had two abortions on an episode of her podcast Alyssa Milano: Sorry Not Sorry—and it turns out, she underwent both after getting pregnant while taking birth control pills.  ...

These Stunning 7 Photos Celebrate the Beauty of Women's Postpartum Bodies

Immediately after giving birth, the pressure is on every woman to get her pre-pregnancy body back. New moms are advised to start losing the baby weight and get into shape, for example—not-so-subtle messaging that tells them their bodies are somehow less than. ...

Ashley Graham Shows Off Stretch Marks and Side Boob In Nude Photo After Announcing Pregnancy

Last week, Ashley Graham announced to the world the news of her pregnancy (with husband Justin Ervin), looking even more radiant and glowing that you'd expect. Now, she's giving us an up-close shot of her growing pregnancy body, au naturale. ...

The "Manternity" Photoshoot You Need to See

You've probably seen your share of beautiful, funny, or sweet pregnancy photos, but trust us, these shots from a soon-to-be Dad in Austin, Texas, take the cake. ...

Eva Mendes Joins Growing Ranks of Women Giving Birth After 35

Congratulations are in order for Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling on their new bundle of joy. The couple of three years welcomed a healthy—and most likely ridiculously good looking—baby girl on Friday. ...

6 Ways to Help Prevent Breastfeeding Pain

You’ve gotta love Snooki…don’t you? This pint-size powerhouse doesn’t pull any punches. Case in point: The former Jersey Show star (real name Nicole Polizzi) recently gave birth to a little girl, Giovanna Marie, and unsurprisingly the new mom had her own unique spin on the joys (and challenges) of motherhood. "I am literally a...

Why Your Period Might Change After Having a Baby

After I had my second baby, my periods became a lot heavier. That didn’t happen after the first one. Why is that? ...

Why This 'Girls' Star Made Smoothies With Her Placenta

While you might be revving your blender in...


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