5 Tips for Keeping Off the Weekend Weight

In the next few weeks leading up to the holidays, your weekends will likely be jam-packed with opportunities to eat, drink, and be merry. Of course, it's the most wonderful time of year (you should enjoy yourself), but if you're not careful with your choices, weekend splurges can really add up and wreak havoc...

5 Non-Diet Ways to Trick Yourself into Losing Weight

Convenient. Attractive. Normal. These three words (which are the basis for the even easier to remember acronym C.A.N.) may be the key to eating healthier without really trying, according to a new paper from Cornell University. The review of 112 studies concluded that eaters make good choices when healthy foods are visible and within...

13 Things to Buy for a Healthier Home in 2018

Want to make your home healthier? Health polled a panel of health pros (see the full list below) to get the scoop on the latest new innovations to hit store shelves. First, we asked them to share the most important criteria for each type of home product. Then we hunted for goods that not only...

Thanksgiving Best-Bites Quiz: Answers

123rf Thanks for taking our quiz! Here are the...

Easy, Elegant Valentine’s Day Menu Under $40

 By Frances Largeman-Roth, RD ...

Healthy Snacks for Super Bowl Sunday

 By Frances Largeman-Roth, RD ...

Job Loss Linked to Risk of Hypertension, Heart Disease, Other Conditions

Istockphoto By Theresa TamkinsFRIDAY, May 8, 2009 (Health.com) –...

Brain Freeze Explained, Movies That Make You Fat, and Palin's Challenge to Obama

Brain freeze, earwax, goose bumps, hiccups...here's the scoop on 12 fascinating health mysteries, plus what you can do when they happen to you. Here's a race we'd definitely campaign for: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin says she can beat President Barack Obama in a long-distance run in her home state. Obama says he's "95% cured"...

Is Your Bottled Water Safe?

(Getty Images) By Kate StinchfieldTHURSDAY, July 9, 2009 (Health.com)...

Study: Some Types of Candles May Pollute Indoor Air

(ISTOCKPHOTO) By Kate StinchfieldWEDNESDAY, Aug. 19, 2009 (Health.com) —...


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